1. It's a modern and minimal look
For a modern and minimal day time look, you can't go wrong with a clutch. With no straps, a clutch is your outfits best friend, it's not going to cut across your outfit or look bulky hanging off you shoulder. It's complimentary, not competitive.

Perfect Clutch: Thomas Blakk Nappa Clutch. With a metallic sheen and cuff for clutch holding comfort, it's modern, minimal and the perfect addition to a day time look.

2. It'll make any outfit look chic and sophisticated
Wearing jeans and a t-shirt to brunch this weekend? Adding a clutch rather than a handbag will take your look from understated to city slicker in the blink of an eye (hot tip: throw on a pair of pumps to add to the glam).

Perfect Clutch: Zilla Rose Gold Iron Lunch Bag. It's casual in shape but not in look, it's chic, sophisticated and the eye catching piece a casual weekend look needs to bring it to life.

3. There's more scope to be playful with a clutch than with a handbag
Your clutch can say so much more about your style and personality then you think! An interesting shape, colour or both, adds a playful touch to any outfit (especially if it's looking too serious) and it's the perfect conversation starter.

Perfect Clutch: Larissa Hadjio Shrimp Clutch. It's not only the perfect size to carry your essentials and a little more, it's bold, playful but still sophisticated. It's just the right amount of quirky.


4. It's the perfect prop for your brunch flat lays
It's Summer, you're going to be out all the time and flat lays are inevitable. Unlike a bulky handbag, a clutch can be easily slotted in to your next flat lay, it's the perfect prop really.

Perfect Clutch: Injury Parallel Universe Clutch. Flat and square shapes work best in flat lays and the added dimension of the black and white geometric print creates a more interesting look.

5. It'll take you from day to night in a heart beat
Less bulk, more sophistication, a clutch can take you from brunch to a night on the dance floor in a hop, skip and a jump. It's a stylish component of any outfit and with a flick of your hair for volume and a coat of your favourite red lipstick, it can change your day time look to a night time look without a worry.

Perfect Clutch: Golden Lane. Sophisticated in shape and meticulous in detail, a Golden Lane Clutch is your perfect day to night partner. An all leather Soave Clutch is perfectly understated or for something a little more bold, a transparent PVC and leather clutch will do the trick.

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Image credit: Adam Katz le21eme.com
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