A student of architecture and an Instagram sensation on the rise, Demitra Psyhogyiou finds her style and fashion choices to be a release and self expression from a study that can sometimes seem soul consuming. But it has undoubtable shaped her aesthetic, whether that is an outfit that seems like a rebellious cry against the principles of architecture or a clean minimalist look that fits into the confines of a modern day setting. Demitra describes her style as multistyle as she draws style inspiration from multiple sources. And what does that give us? A girl that can throw multiple trends together and wear them confidently, a girl who will wear something thats not in fashion right now and wears it wellalthough socks with sandals are a no-go.

How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe it as "multistyle", meaning that I select what inspires me and try to blend them together, like a mix-and-match of different styles. I have a special love for contrasts.

What influences your fashion choices most?
I would definitely have to say my mood. That means that in order to figure the influences of my choices, one must understand what could influence my mood. The environment, the weather, the city, my relationships, a movie, a song.

Any style icons?
Weirdly enough, I'd say I don't have one! There are many people that could influence my style, from style icons to a regular person walking down the street, which is a diversity that I seek. That may be leaving no room for a BIG style icon but it widens my perspective.

You study architecture, do you think what you study influences how you see fashion?
Architecture has undoubtedly had a huge impact on the way I view things, as well as my aesthetics. Studying architecture though, has had a different effect: it generated in me a need to express myself in other means. It is a reality that architecture studies are time, energy and soul consuming. It is like an intense erotic relationship: you may lose yourself in it. This is what happened to me at some point, generating this need of refiguring myself, and I feel every outfit I wear is a statement, a quest towards my real identity.

Any fashion trends you love at the moment?
Mules. I absolutely adore them, and I am so glad they are having such a big comeback, even though I'd wear them nevertheless.

Any fashion trends you wouldnt be caught wearing?
Socks with sandals. I hate saying never and I have seen people style it perfectly but I don't believe I could pull it off.

How would you describe fashion in Greece?
There is a diversity depending on whether you are living in the land, islands, north, center or south, which is why I wouldn't be able to pinpoint a specific style. That being said, I believe that Greek women take care of themselves on a daily basis and always try to look good, regardless if their attempts are successful or not.

Can you share any style secrets of girls in Greece that the rest of the world could learn from?
Unfortunately our style is highly under the western influence, which doesn't leave much new to share.

Whats your number one beauty must-have?
A good tinted sunscreen with high SPF. Living in a country where the sun shines 80% of the year(I totally made up this percentage but it truly is a lot!), I have become extremely aware of the hazardous effects of UV rays, both in appearance and health.

What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time?
Playing with Blu, my little blue budgie! I talk about it all the time, have hundreds of photos of him in my cell phone and call myself mama-bird!


What are you listening to on repeat at the moment?
Still haven't found what I'm looking for by U2, Rhythms del Mundo version.
It's leaves you with a bittersweet feelings, like those long summer nights that reach to an end.

Where is the coolest place to be seen in Athens at the moment?
That is the cool thing with Athens, it has amazing places everywhere, no matter what your interests are! If I had to pick one to satisfy all tastes I'd have to pick the Museum of Acropolis. It is a modern trip to Ancient history, and when you reach the top floor, the view is breathtaking: old and new conversing with you as the audience. Spectacular.

Any brands from Greece that we should be looking out for?
There are many talented designers in Greece, and I am happy more young people take the risk to do what they love. I am particularly fond of the work of The Fashion Lab from Thessaloniki, with their architectural influences, they definitely deserve to be known in a greater scale.

What is your number one style tip?
Even the cheapest piece of clothing can look amazing if it is tailored. I always try to get the best fit of any garment with a few alterations to match my body perfectly, if needed of course.

Whats the one thing you cant leave the house without?
A bottle of water. I drink so much water, which seems odd to many, but I know it is probably my healthiest habit.

Any tips for girls and guys wanting to follow your footsteps?
Whether someone considers me an inspiration or not, (which I don't feel like one), I'd like to share a cliché yet true motivational thought: just do it. I have found out that almost nothing is impossible as long as it is what you want. In the end, failing is much better than never having tried.


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