Taylor Lashae, film actress, Instagram sensation and the chicest Brooklynite we know. Her solid bangs and red lips caught our attention last month and we can’t get enough of her ability to give any look a touch of sassiness. We talked to Taylor about her passion for acting, her personal style and her 5 handbag must-haves.

For those who want to learn a little more about you, who is Taylor Lashae in a nutshell?
She’s an eccentric, outgoing girl who wants to try everything at least once..Or twice. I’m an actress and an amateur cosmologist.

Where did you grow up? What’s your hometown like?
I grew up in Houston, Texas. My backyard was basically NASA. It was very suburban..small yet very big at the same time! You knew everyone in your area and still didn’t know anyone at all.

How did you get your start in acting?
It was all an accident. Even though I have always loved the idea of acting, I never put two and two together that I would actually enjoy it so much that I would make it into a career. I was cast in a music video, the director from the video put me in his feature, and boom, a new love for acting in movies was born. (thanks, Luke)

When did you know you wanted to pursue a film career? Was there a defining moment?
Oh yes, when I was given a chance to work on my first film I really had no idea what I was doing. I was not trained nor would I let that stand in my way. Ever sine then, I wanted to take classes and I wanted to learn everything there is to film acting. It’s so fascinating to me and there is always time to learn more about your craft.


How young were you when your eyes were opened to fashion? What caused this style awakening?
I must have been in 6th grade when my mom took my little sister and me to Europe for our first time. I don’t remember ever soaking up so much in my life. I remember the streets of Amsterdam, the restaurants in Germany and the fashion in France! My heart exploded. I wanted to be just like every lady I saw there. So stern in the face, but light everywhere else. So classic yet still feminine and free. Since 6th grade, I have gone through many fashion phases but I find that I went through all of the turns in fashion to get where I am today - trying to be that classic beaut.

Where do you find your style inspiration?
I find it everywhere. On the subways of New York, to Pinterest (which I just got into by the way) my friends are so fashionable and I wish I could pull off most of the things they do! But really, I just like to look online, shop something even if it isn’t my style and somehow incorporate it into my style and hope for the best.

If you could describe your style in 5 words, what would they be?
Semi classic with a pop.

Name the five things that are always in your bag.
Mint lipgloss, mascara, an extra phone charger, headphones, sunglasses

How do you think personal style defines you?
Oh I hope not. If my style defined me, I would be all over the place! My style is nor here or there and it certainly doesn’t define me. Style should be an expression; not a definition.

Who are your style icons?
Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Bruce Weber (all photographers) but these are the ones with “the eye”.

What’s the most stylish movie you’ve ever seen?
Paris, Texas but probably for all the wrong reasons.

What are the staples in your wardrobe?
Fresh nail polish, a good pair of socks, sunglasses, handbag. I feel you can wear anything if you accessorize just right.

Any styles/trends you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?
These are all just personal reasons: crop tops, one sleeve, bell-bottoms, any sort of top with writing on it.


What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?
I would probably be an agent at a modelling agency. (my previous job before acting!)

How do you spend your spare time?
Watching a lot of movies at home and working on my craft.

Describe your ultimate weekend?
Filming a feature film would be the ultimate way to spend my time!

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re at home?
I listen to anything that keeps me focused. Not a lot of songs with words.
A lot of classical and yoga music! I don’t know but it keeps me in the zone! It’s the truth!

To learn more about Taylor and her style follow her on Instagram @TaylorLashae or visit her website taylorlashae.com.

Image credits: TaylorLashae.com
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