ariya sacca the label monsterLABEL: ARIYA SACCA
LOCATION: South Korea
CATEGORY: Womenswear

A true creative, ARIYA SACCA designer, Donni Choi has a long history of working in design. Working extensively with knitwear, as an apprentice under Richard Tyler and for private label BEBE’s, he’s also worked as a graphic designer.

Born and raised in South Korea, Donni spread his wings to study fashion and work in Los Angeles and on return to South Korea focused on how to merge tradition with modernism in fashion. His label ARIYA SACCA does that and so much more. A sophisticated and experimental approach to Korean traditional wear gives ARIYA SACCA a distinctive edge, it’s about admiring tradition in the modern day and not being afraid to incorporate it into your life. It’s unquestionably influenced by tradition, yet modern and wearable at the same time – a balance that Choi has managed to find with ease.

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