Monday's are about being fresh-faced and ready to take on the week. Here are our top three tips to make getting dressed for work on Monday’s and beyond a lot easier.

1. Prepare
On Sunday night before you go to bed, get your outfit for Monday ready. Take it out of your wardrobe and have it on a hanger ready for Monday morning. If it needs ironing, iron it, you know that's the last thing you'll want to do when you wake up and you'll feel much better in a freshly pressed pair of trousers than those wrinkled ones.

2. Invest in a Signature Staple or Two
Having a few key pieces that you can match with other pieces in your wardrobe is going to make shopping for new pieces easier but dressing each morning incredibly simple. Perhaps it’s a skirt, a pair of trousers or pumps, choose a solid colour and something that makes you stand out and reflects your personal style but is still easy to match and makes for efficient dressing in the mornings.

3. Keep Style Inspirations Handy
Some mornings no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get it right. Our head stylist swears by a little folder she has saved on her computer with outfits that she’s seen that inspire her. It’s easy for her to refer to and gives her that quick source of motivation she needs for a big day.

Have you got any tips for nailing your office look?


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