Starting out as a menswear designer, Damir Doma is not to be overlooked when talking chic, multi-layered and versatile womenswear. Best described as understated elegance, Damir Doma leans his Silent by Damir Doma womenswear collections to minimalism with a twist. There is always something of interest; something done just that little bit differently whilst remaining minimal that keeps us coming back for more. Whether it's cropped sweater, cut to show just the right amount of flesh (but not too much) or a dress cut to hit the body in just the right places and exceptional quality of the fabric, he knows how to make a woman look sexy and stylish with a clean, uncluttered silhouette.

The Silent by Damir Doma collection was launched in 2010 and the name chosen for the need to be silent, Doma’s belief is that we need to clear our minds so we can focus on details that would otherwise be overlooked. And that’s exactly it, he doesn’t clutter but he doesn’t over simplify, Doma has found the perfect balance of detail and simplicity in his Silent By Damir Doma collection, allowing the high quality and details to shine. It’s minimalist, it’s modern and his collections are packed with unforgettable pieces that lend themselves to every corner of your wardrobe with no fuss, just a chic and ultra-cool look. Simple.

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