Micah Gianneli - The Label Monster

Who: Micah Gianneli - a fashion design graduate turned freelance stylist with perfectly red lips, a cropped hair cut and a killer strut.

Why we love her: Well her strut is one thing but it’s her style that gets us every single time. Micah balances sexy with sophisticated, always has a good pair of sunglasses on hand and knows a killer pump when she sees one. Let’s face it, when a girls Instagram can go from a sophisticated look for the office, to hitting to streets in thigh-high leather boots and keeps it looking classy and chic, you know she’s the girl to watch for style inspiration.

She can also be seen in a Jaguar F-Type S at the moment. Micah, wanna take us for a ride this weekend?

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Micah is seen here wearing Raggatt Asymmetrical Top, Frame Denim Le High Flare Surfview  with Zilla Silver Foil Lunch Bag.

Image credit: @micahgianneli Instagram
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